Regular 2HP Cool And Heat Integrated Water-operated Temperature Control Systems

Regular Cold and heat integrated water cycle temperature control
Range of temperature control: the cooling water into the water temperature is 5-55 ℃
  • BCH-02A
  • 8419899090

Regular 2HP Cool And Heat Integrated Water-operated Temperature  Control Systems

Standard equipment

Temperature control range: cooling water into the water temperature to 5-55℃


 Machinery and piping components

Explosion - proof device for piping system

Air-cooled, saving precious water resources

Suitable for indoor running under room temperature + 40 ℃

You can use water, water and glycol mixture

Sweden imports efficient heating wire

Heating and cooling free switching function

Stainless steel water tank can effectively avoid corrosion and water leakage

All system components are selected globally

The high performance quality stainless steel pump can guarantee long uninterrupted work

The design of embedded condensing system achieves excellent heat transfer efficiency

Piping system adopts 304 stainless steel seamless tube/non-ferrous metal material

Filters are installed in the media circulation loop and the cooling water supply pipeline


Electrical and control components

Isolation type electrical control box

Industrial level main power switch

Low water water temperature anti-icing device

The appliance adopts the global knowledge brand supplier

The fault direct display is convenient for maintenance and maintenance

The unit has perfect safety protection system

Easy to read display, can display system running state, set temperature and operating temperature.

Optional parts/customizer

gassing and return water function

RS485 remote communication

Instant cooling shutdown

Multi-point temperature control unit

Steam indirect heating system

Indirect cooling heat exchanger

Equipped with a 7-inch color touch screen

Customizable pump power and heating power

Solid state relay, three-phase electronic regulator

No mechanical seal high temperature magnetic drive pump

Other required piping systems and electrical selection


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