Plastic Extrusion Machine Water Cooled Chiller

China manufacturer industrial water chiller, has high rate and precision.
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Plastic Extrusion Machine Water Cooled Chiller

Product Description

Our chiller using advanced production technology, superior quality, compact structure, beautiful appearance. The products can be widely used in plastics, electroplating, electronics manufacturing, pharmaceutical chemicals, food processing, laser, ultrasonic cool, printing and other industries, can accurately control the demand for modern industrial mechanized production of temperature, thus greatly improving the production efficiency and product quality. 

Product Feautures
1. Using COPELAND from the United States and other brand compressors, low noise and power saving, More durable; 
2. Adopt fin and tube condenser, cooling effect is good and stable performance; 
3. Evaporator stainless steel water tank, built-in automatic water device; 
4. Adopt imported pumps, stainless steel pump for customers to choose from, to prevent secondary pollution; 
5. Microcomputer digital temperature controller, integrated operation, simple and practical, high control precision; 
6. Using box structure, CNC punch press precision machining, electrostatic power paint, elegant appearance, easy to move; 
7. Chiller Unit equipped with reverse phase lack protection, motor overload protection, high and low voltage protection, temperature protection and other security protection device, made the system more stable and secure. Small size, light weight, and compact structure.

chillers are the perfect solution for any application, in particular for the plastic field, such as: injection molding, extrusion(sheet & profile), blow molding, thermoforming, PET, plastic film, and other industrial field: electroplating (surface treatment), medicine, chemical, hydraulic system, leaser, shoe-making, electronic, print, etc.

Technical Parameter:

Product nameWater  Cooled  Chiller
Product modelBCW-03
Roughly weight150 kg
Max temperature control range5℃-35℃ ( over 0℃ can de customized )
Cooling capacity9.2kw    7912kcal/h
Total input power4kw
Power supply3N-380V/415V  50HZ
Comperssor typeTotally closed corter type or piston type
Comperssor power2.25kw
Tank0.047 m3
Cooling water flow2 m3/h
Cooling water in/out pipe sizeG1 (DN25 )
Freeze water flow1.6 m3/h
Freeze water in/out pipe sizeG1 ( DN25 )
Water pump power0.55 kw
Water pump pumping head20m

Customized Product Service
Bobai have one special engineer team to work for customers with customized chillers, they can make the special solution according to your working need, such as customize cooling capacity, special material for ship use, seawater, corrosive, food industry, juice and wine process and etc. Just tell us: 
A. What's your water composition? or industry
B. What's your temperature range? 
C. What's your chilled water flow need? 
D. What's the working ambient? 
E. What voltage do you need? 
1. Differing Refrigerants: R22, R407, R134a can be supplied on request
2. Special voltages: 115V 220V~240V 50 Hz or 60 Hz (Single and Three Phase) are available
Then we can choose the right chiller for you. 

After-sales service

12 months quality warranty since the date of delivery.
Free of charge to replace new chillers if quality problems.
Cost price to buy extra parts with Chillers from bobai if needed.
7/24 online service by e-mail, WhatsApp, Skype or Telephone Calling.
Installation Video to help installation even send engineer to customer's jobsite if needed.

   (1) Refrigerating agent (refrigerant) by cooling objects within the evaporator absorbs heat and evaporation into steam, compressor keep out of the 

steam produced from inside the evaporator, and compression of the compressed after high temperature and high pressure steam was sent to the 

condenser to the cooling medium (such as water, air, etc.) heat condensed high pressure liquid, after decompression by throttle body into the 

evaporator, vaporizing again, absorbing heat cooling objects, so the cycle to cycle. Heating, the refrigerant through the four-way valve change the 

direction of refrigerant flow, when the direction of refrigerant flow cooling contrary, refrigerant through the evaporator, first go back to the condenser, 

finally returned to the compressor.

   (2) Prior to machine inject a certain amount of water tank, through the mechanism of cold water system will be water cooling, cold again by 

cryogenic cooling water pump into cooling equipment, cold water machine chilled water will heat temperature after it was taken back into the water 

again, achieve the effect of cooling.


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