Industrial Water Cooling Chiller From China Manufacturer for Die-Casting Supplier

Use famous brand spareparts, high cooling speed, accurate and stable temperature
  • BCW-15
  • BOBAI-BCW-15

Industrial Water Cooling Chiller From China Manufacturer for Die-Casting Supplier

Standard Equipment

  • Temperature control range: 5℃  →35℃


Machinery and piping components

  • Movable type of box body

  • Air-cooled, saving precious water resources

  • Suitable for indoor running under room temperature + 40 ℃

  • You can use water, water and glycol mixture

  • Stainless steel water tank can effectively avoid corrosion and water leakage

  • All components of the refrigeration system are known in the world

  • The high performance quality stainless steel pump can guarantee long uninterrupted work

  • The design of embedded v-shaped condensing system achieves excellent heat transfer efficiency

  • Piping system adopts 304 stainless steel seamless tube/non-ferrous metal material

  • Filters are installed in the media circulation loop and water supply pipeline


Electrical and control components

  • Isolation type electrical control box

  • Industrial level main power switch

  • Low water water temperature anti-icing device

  • We use the global brand name brand supplier

  • The fault direct display is convenient for maintenance and maintenance

  • The unit has perfect safety protection system

  • Easy to read display, can display system running state,

  • set temperature and operating temperature.


Optional parts/customizer

  • Air return function

  • RS485 remote communication

  • Equipped with 7-inch color touch screen, PLC

  • Customizable pump power and refrigeration power

  • Environmental friendly cold media can be selected

  • A connector for a variety of analog and type-type electrical interfaces

  • Continuous control with electric or pneumatic control valves

  • Other high requirement piping systems and electrical selection

Product nameWater  Cooled  Chiller
Product modelBCW-15
Roughly weight650 kg
Size1600*810*1260 mm
Max temperature control range5℃-35℃ ( over 0℃ can de customized )
Cooling capacity48.5 kw    41710 kcal/h
Total input power14 kw
Power supply3N-380V/415V  50HZ
Comperssor typeTotally closed corter type or piston type
Comperssor power5.5*2 kw
Tank0.22 m3
Cooling water flow10 m3/h
Cooling water in/out pipe sizeG2 (DN50 )
Freeze water flow8.3 m3/h
Freeze water in/out pipe sizeG1-1/2 ( DN40)
Water pump power1.5 kw
Water pump pumping head20 m


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