High Temperature Oil Circulation Temperature Controller for Injection Molding Machine

Oil temperature machine as the name implies, is the heat conduction oil as the heat transfer medium of the mold temperature machine. The oil temperature machine itself is equipped with an oil storage tank, heat conduction oil from oil storage tank into the system at work, by the circulation pump into the mold, or other need to temperature control equipment, heat conduction oil from the temperature control equipment, again returns to the system, the cycle. The heat conducting oil heats up after passing through the heater. When the temperature of the media detected by the temperature sensing probe reaches the set value, the heater stops working. When the temperature is lower than the set value, the heater starts to work. When the temperature reaches the set value, it stops working again. And so on and so forth.
  • BDDC-36

High temperature oil circulation temperature controller for injection molding machine

Product  Name 320℃ oil temperature controller
Product  Model BDDC-36
Max Temperature Control Range320℃ 
Temperature Control AccuracyPID±1℃
Power380V 50HZ 3P+E
Circulation  MediumHeat Transfer Fluid
Cooling  MethodIndirect Cooling
Heating  Power24/36KW
Cooling  Capacity (at 200℃)About 25000Kcal/h
Pump Motor Power1.1KW
Pump  Flow60L/MIN
Max Pump Pressure 5KG/CM2
Max Power Supply19KW
Oil storage Capacity30Liter
Cooling Water Pipe1/2(DN15)INCH
Circulation Medium Pipe 3/4(DN20)INCH
Roughly  Weight150KG

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