High Temperature Oil-operated Temperature Control Systems

Isolation type electrical control box
The appliance chooses the global famous brand supplier
Electronic safety temperature controller
The fault direct display is convenient for maintenance and maintenance
The unit has perfect safety protection system
Easy-to-read display, which can display system running state, set temperature, operating temperature and return medium temperature.
  • BGOT_75
  • 8419899090

High temperature oil-operated temperature control systems

gassing and return oil function

RS485 remote communication

Instant cooling shutdown

Multi-point temperature control unit

Equipped with a 7-inch, 10-inch color touch screen, PLC

Customizable pump power and heating power

Solid state relay, three-phase electronic regulator

A connector for a variety of analog and type-type electrical interfaces

Continuous control with electric or pneumatic control valves

Other high requirement piping systems and electrical selection


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