High Standard Heat And Cold Temperature Controller for Polyurethane Foam Machine

The unit consists of two parts: the heating part and the cooling part. Temperature control precision, widely used in injection, chemical, rubber extrusion, reaction kettle, blow molding industries. The cold and heat integrated machine can realize the mutual switch to speed up the production process to reduce energy consumption, improve the forming efficiency of products, restrain the defects of products, and reduce the production of bad products. Computer touch control, automatic calculation, multi - point temperature control unit can be customized. Automatic temperature control .
  • BCLH-3A

High standard heat and cold temperature controller for injection molding machine

Product  Nameheat and cold one machine
Product  Model BCLH-3A
Max temperature control range5 ℃-155℃
Refrigerating  capacity8.3 KW   7138 Kcal/h
Power  Supply3N-380V / 414V 50HZ
Comperssor  TypeTotally closed corter type
Comperssor  Power2.25 KW
Freeze Water Pump Power0.375 KW
Freeze Water Pump Pumping Head15M
Freeze Water Pump Flow1.65M3/h
Hot Water Pump Power0.75 KW
Hot Water Pump Pumping Head15M
Heating  Power6 KW
Circulation Water Pipe DiamaterG3/4(DN20) INCH
Roughly Weight120KG

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