High Standard Air Screw Cooled Chiller for Extruder

Use famous brand spareparts, high cooling speed, accurate and stable temperature
  • BNL-A305
  • BOBAI-BNL-A305

High standard air screw cooled chiller for extruder


Superior performance

Semi-hermetic screw compressor in-built motor avoid seal leakage

Two or a plurality of compressor controlled by PLC program, which can balance the load and prolong the service life of the unit.

Two or a plurality of compressor using multi refrigeration circuit, when a circuit be repaired or in maintenance, the remaining loop can still be operated normally

Compressor adopt duplex winding reduced-voltage starting, to avoid the impact to the electric network


Easy Installation

Compact structure, small occupation area.

The machine has been tested strictly and timing operation completed to reach the using state

Extremely vibration and don't need the vibration isolation equipment usually.


Low cost for operation and maintenance

Microcomputer control system make the chillers highly efficient in part load conditions as it adjusts the capacity 0-25-50-75-100% volume control to save energy

Screw compressor in low failure rate with simple structure and few wearing parts

The built-in three stage oil separator

Adopt the coating design to reduce the compressor running noise

Water chiller compressor trouble-free operation over 40000 hours

Complete security protection function

High & low pressure protection

Anti-heating safety valve

Anti freezing protection

Overload protection,

Incomplete phase protection

Opposite phase protection

lacking voltage and over voltage protection

Water flow protection


Humanized microcomputer control system

Adopt brand-name PLC controller and colorful touch panel, friendly interface for simple operation

Automatic detect temperature of chilled water system, which tracking the load efficiently by adjusting the compressor


Main operation data for reference can be read in the display

Automatic failure alarm system can display the failure code for analysis

Output feedback information to the other main control system based on the needs of field

The original content can be modified based on the field needs, such as capacity position, protection, pressure etc


Application of the strong widely


Widely used in rubber, plastic, petroleum, chemical, electronics, textile, papermaking, brew, pharmaceutical, machinery, food, beverage, vacuum coating, plating, coating, central air-conditioning and other fields

The central chillers are widely applied in the centralized cooling way

This unit can be customized for the acid and alkali resistant special models, which satisfied the special needs of customers with special process

This machine can be customized for low temperature models using the low temperature cold medium


(1) Description :

Product nameair cooled screw type chiller
Product modelBNL-A305
Compressor type5-6 asymmetric semi-closed double screw compressor
Compressor quantity1 unit
Compressor start typeY-Δ start
Compressor energy adjustment0-25%-50%-75%-100%
Compressor refrigeration power84.1kw

Compressor refrigeration  current

Compressor heating power82w
Compressorheating current143.5
The evaporator typehorizontal shell and tube evaporator
The evaporator the amount of water52.5m3/h
The evaporator pipe diameterDN100
The evaporator water pressure drop52KPa
Condenser type

hydrophilic aluminum foil set with high efficiency 

internal thread copper tube fin type

Condenser air volume1159003/h
Condensing shaft fan quantity6
Condenseing shaft fan single power1.3kw
Refrigerant typeR22
Refrigerant  filling quantity80kg

(2) Principle :     


   The air cooling screw chiller is known as the air cooling screw chiller because its key component, the compressor, is screw type. After adiabatic compression of the compressor, it becomes high temperature and high pressure. The compressed gas refrigerant, in the condenser, condenses under constant pressure, changes into a liquid refrigerant after condensation, and then expands to a low pressure through the throttle valve, turning into a gas-liquid mixture. The liquid refrigerant at low temperature and low pressure absorbs the heat of the cold substance in the evaporator and becomes the gas refrigerant again. The gaseous refrigerant is piped back into the compressor and begins a new cycle. These are the four processes of the freezing cycle. It is also the main working principle of screw chiller.


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