Die-casting Oil Mold Temperature Machine

Suitable for different temperature control places, energy saving effect is obvious
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Die-casting oil mold temperature machine

How to control the temperature for Magnesium and Alloy?

You can use our oil mold temperature machine.


What is oil mold temperature machine?

Oil mold temperature machine/thermostat using heat transfer oil as a heat transfer medium. The oil temperature machine itself has a storage tank. When working, the heat transfer oil enters the system from the oil storage tank, and is driven into the mold or other equipment that needs temperature control through the circulation pump. After the heat transfer oil comes out from the equipment or molds which need to do temperature control , it returns to the system. Repeatedly. The heat transfer oil is heated by the heater, and when the temperature of the medium detected by the temperature probe reaches the set value, the heater stops working. When the temperature is lower than the set value, the heater starts to work, and when the temperature reaches the set value, it stops working. This cycle.Run in circles always.


Characteristics for using Oil Mold Teperature machine:


•Fast temperature rise and fall, temperature is accurate and stable

•Evenly heated

•With Blowing back oil function

•Improve the appearance of the product and suppress defects in the product

•Speed up production, reduce energy consumption, and save energy

•Reduce the production of defective products

•Improve product molding efficiency

•Remote intelligent control,save time and energy

•Fault display, maintenance without professionals

•Microcomputer touch control is easy to operate

•Suitable for different temperature control places, energy saving effect is obvious


 Techinal Parameters:/Optional Models

Max temperature control range320
Temp control accuracy
AC3φ380V 50HZ 3P+E
Circulation medium 
Cooling method
Heating capacityKW9*212*312*418+1836+36
Cooling  capacity
At 200/About 25,000 kcal/hour
Pump powerHP0.551.12.80.55+0.551.1*1.1
 pump flowL/MIN30601003060
Max pump pressureKG/CM255955
Maximum power consumptionKW1938523875
Expansion tank capacityLITER3035555555
Alert function
incomplete phase /oil shortage/overtemperature/overload/pump reversal
Cooling water pipe diameterINCH1/21/21/21/21/2
Circulation medium  pipe diameterINCH3/43/413/43/4
Roughly WeightKG120150180220300

 Some special specifications may be customized.

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