Bobai Multi-daylight Press Electric Heating Heat Transfer Oil Boiler

reduces heat loss in the pipeline and on the other hand reduces unnecessary waste of resources
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Bobai  Multi-daylight Press Electric Heating Heat Transfer Oil Boiler

Main Discriptions:

The heating method of the plate hot press gluing machine and the Multi-daylight Press for temperature control is determined by the use temperature, process requirements and use conditions. The heating method of the laminating machine temperature control is often heated by a boiler heating, electric heating, electric heating heat conduction oil furnace.



Multi-daylight Press Electric Heating Heat Transfer Oil Boiler and the laminating machine are convenient to connect: the electric heating heat conduction oil furnace does not need to be provided with a boiler room, and can be placed near the hot pressing machine. Laminator temperature control equipment on the one hand reduces heat loss in the pipeline and on the other hand reduces unnecessary waste of resources. All pipes of the electric heating and heat transfer oil furnace adopt composite heat preservation to reduce heat loss.

Standard equipment  

Temperature control range: cooling water into the water temperature to 300℃


Machinery and piping components

Start the automatic exhaust function

The function of free switching of heating power

High performance high temperature coupling shaft pump for long uninterrupted work

The piping system adopts seamless steel tube/non-ferrous materials

Indirect cooling system for heat exchangers

The imported heating wire of Sweden achieves excellent thermal efficiency and long service life

Filters are installed in the media circulation loop and the cooling water supply pipeline


Electrical and control components

Isolation type electrical control box

The appliance chooses the global famous brand supplier

Electronic safety temperature controller

The fault direct display is convenient for maintenance and maintenance

The unit has perfect safety protection system

Easy-to-read display, which can display system running state, set temperature, operating temperature and return medium temperature.


Optional parts/customizer

gassing and return oil function

RS485 remote communication

Instant cooling shutdown

Multi-point temperature control unit

Equipped with a 7-inch, 10-inch color touch screen, PLC

Customizable pump power and heating power

Solid state relay, three-phase electronic regulator

A connector for a variety of analog and type-type electrical interfaces

Continuous control with electric or pneumatic control valves

Other high requirement piping systems and electrical selection



Other Applications:

Reaction kettles, extrusion forming equipment, rubber forming machinery, cast film production lines, cable extrusion production lines,the dies for precise plastic molding, the dies for the compression casting of magnesium/aluminum/zinc alloy, roller pressing applied in rubber/plastic and leather industries, crude oil heating of the oil sinks on tankships, paper making industry, bottle blowing, and so on. This Mold Temperature Control System has been designed to maintain a constant temperature, using water or oil as medium.

 Mold temperature controller is used to control temperature in various industrial fields.

Some special specifications may be customized.

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