Bobai Frequency Conversion Chiller

water cooled chiller is the use of shell and tube evaporator water heat exchange with the refrigerant, refrigerant system in the absorption of heat load in the water, the water cooling, through the role of the compressor after cold water will heat generated to shell and tube condenser, the refrigerant absorbs heat to heat water, make water through the pipe after the cooling tower will be out of the external heat loss (water cooling) .
  • BCW-10
  • BOBAI-BCW-10

Bobai Frequency Conversion Chiller

Frequency type water cooled chiller

Standard Equipment

  • Temperature control range: 5℃  →35℃


Machinery and piping components

  • Movable type of box body

  • Air-cooled, saving precious water resources

  • Suitable for indoor running under room temperature + 40 ℃

  • You can use water, water and glycol mixture

  • Stainless steel water tank can effectively avoid corrosion and water leakage

  • All components of the refrigeration system are known in the world

  • The high performance quality stainless steel pump can guarantee long uninterrupted work

  • The design of embedded v-shaped condensing system achieves excellent heat transfer efficiency

  • Piping system adopts 304 stainless steel seamless tube/non-ferrous metal material

  • Filters are installed in the media circulation loop and water supply pipeline


Electrical and control components

  • Isolation type electrical control box

  • Industrial level main power switch

  • Low water water temperature anti-icing device

  • We use the global brand name brand supplier

  • The fault direct display is convenient for maintenance and maintenance

  • The unit has perfect safety protection system

  • Easy to read display, can display system running state,

  • set temperature and operating temperature.


Optional parts/customizer

  • Air return function

  • RS485 remote communication

  • Equipped with 7-inch color touch screen, PLC

  • Customizable pump power and refrigeration power

  • Environmental friendly cold media can be selected

  • A connector for a variety of analog and type-type electrical interfaces

  • Continuous control with electric or pneumatic control valves

  • Other high requirement piping systems and electrical selection

Technical Parameters:

Product name Water  Cooled  Chiller
Product model BCW-10
Roughly weight 360 kg
Size 1400*850*1300 mm
Max temperature control range 5℃-35℃ ( over 0℃ can de customized )
Cooling capacity 32.5 kw    27950 kcal/h
Total input power 9 kw
Power supply 3N-380V/415V  50HZ
Comperssor type Totally closed corter type or piston type
Comperssor power 7.5 kw
Tank 0.138 m3
Cooling water flow 6.7 m3/h
Cooling water in/out pipe size G1-1/2 (DN40 )
Freeze water flow 5.6 m3/h
Freeze water in/out pipe size G1-1/4 ( DN32 )
Water pump power 1.1 kw
Water pump pumping head 24 m


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