Water temperaturer controller_ baidu encyclopedia

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Water temperaturer controller_ baidu encyclopedia

Application editor of water temperature control machine

(1)a : Rubber extrusion industry

           b : Injection industry

           c : Mixer industry 

Features : a ( Explosion-proof device for pipelines )

                  b ( Air return function ( optional ) )

                  c ( Backwater temperature indicator )

                  d ( Automatic air-exhausting function after startup )

                  e ( Switchover of heating power )

                  f ( Instant cooling shutdown function )

                  g ( Isolated electrical control box. Extend the service life of electrical appliances )

                  h ( RS485 communication function, automatic management.(choose and buy) )

                  i ( Multi - point temperature control unit can be customized )

                  j ( Pump horsepower and heating power can be customized ) 

                  k ( Temperature control: temperature + 15 ℃ to 120 ℃ )

(2)Precision injection molding industry 

  180 - degree water temperature machine, injection molding industry and electronic industry of high precision temperature control device, temperature control range up to 180 ℃, a newly developed has reached plus or minus 0.1 ℃ on the accuracy of temperature control models (for laser disc production), make the use of the water temperature machine had a broader space.

1. Computer touching control, separated electrical control, easy to understand operation. (to buy)

2. The temperature control meter adopts Japan OMRON and RKC microcomputer two sets of P.I.D control, automatic calculation of contact-type internal storage, accurate and reliable, saving more than 35% of electricity.

3. Perfect safety protection and fault indicating system.

4. Imported advanced components, Japan FUJI, OMROU, France Schneider, Germany SIEMENS, Taiwan ANLY, etc.

5. Suction mold oil return, full negative pressure operation and other functions. (to buy)

6. Stainless steel is formed in one piece, with small pipe donation and even ripening.

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