Water circulation temperature controller

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Water circulation temperature controller

Water circulation temperature controller 

(1)Meaning :

    Water temperature controller is also called water transport model temperature control machine , it is water as the medium .

(2)Features : 

a : Computer touching control , simple and easy to understand operation .

b : Microcomputer double set P.I.D temperature control table ( see the right picture ) , touch type internal storage and automatic calculation .

c : Perfect safety protection and fault indicating system .

d : Long service life of components .

e : High cooling speed , accurate and stable temperature .

f : Suitable for use in different temperature control places , with obvious energy-saving effect .

g : Stainless steel is formed in one piece with small pipe damage and even ripening .

h : Power-on automatic exhaust function .

(3)Advantages : 

   Under normal atmospheric pressure , the boiling point of water is 100℃ . Therefore , in the case of no pressure , water temperature control machine control temperature can only be less than or equal to 100℃ .In practice , through increasing line pressure , water temperature control machine control temperature can be increased to 180 ℃ ,thereby expanding the application range of the water machine . When actual temperature control temperature greater than 180℃ , recommended the oil temperature controller .

(4)Applications : 

a : Plastic injection industry 

b : Internal mixer industry

c :  New materialls industr

d : Die casting industry

e : Reactors 

f : Chemical 

g : Auto parts 

h : Extrusion 

i : Rubber and Plastics industry  


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