Hot and cold one machine introduce

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Hot and cold one machine introduce

  The unit consists of two parts: the heating part and the cooling part. Temperature control precision, widely used in injection, chemical, rubber extrusion, reaction kettle, blow molding industries. The cold and heat integrated machine can realize the mutual switch to speed up the production process to reduce energy consumption, improve the forming efficiency of products, restrain the defects of products, and reduce the production of bad products. Computer touch control, automatic calculation, multi - point temperature control unit can be customized. Can automatically and accurately control the temperature, can quickly reach the set temperature, set value and actual value display respectively. Isolation type electric control box, prolong use fixed number of year, pipeline explosion-proof device, the built-in security protection, low noise, high temperature resistance against corrosion, the unique design of heating power saving and durable suitable for different temperature place.

  The heating part

1. Computer touching control, separated electrical control, easy to understand operation.

2. The temperature control table is controlled by two groups of P.I.D of microcomputer, and the automatic calculation of the contact-type internal storage is accurate and reliable, saving more than 35% of electricity.

3. Perfect safety protection and fault indication system, pipeline explosion protection device.

4. Imported advanced components, RS485 communication function, imported microcomputer or PLC control.

5. Functions of mold oil return and full negative pressure operation, automatic exhaust and forced cooling when starting up.

6. Stainless steel integrated forming, small pipe resistance, uniform heating, heating power switching function.

  Refrigeration parts

1. Imported compressor, low noise, high energy efficiency.

2. Efficient evaporator and condenser can save more than 30%.

3. Imported advanced components with long service life.

4. Imported high-precision two-channel digital display energy-saving temperature control meter.

5. Two sets of compressors can be used separately or jointly (c-10 or above).

6. Perfect safety protection and fault indication system.

7. Microcomputer touch control, easy to operate (optional).

8. The copper pipe adopts anaerobic welding method.

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