Air cooled chiller introduce

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Air cooled chiller introduce

Air cooled chiller introduce

What Sets Air Cooled Chillers Apart From Water Cooled Chillers?

Water cooled and air cooled chillers work in a rather similar manner. They both have an evaporator, compressor, condenser and an expansion valve. The main difference is that one uses air to fuel condenser cooling and the other uses water.

-All chillers require basic maintenance in order to perform at optimum levels, but air cooled chillers are easier and less expensive to maintain than water-cooled units.

-Air cooled chillers do not require a cooling tower or a condenser water pump.

-Air cooled chillers consume around 10% more power than a water-cooled unit; wet surfaces are better at transferring heat than dry surfaces.

Types Of Air Cooled Chillers

-Stationary air-cooled chillers: These are used when excess heat is not an issue.

-Portable air-cooled chillers: These units are portable and just as functional as stationary chillers.

Placement Of Air Cooled Chillers

Air cooled chillers are typically located in mechanical equipment rooms or in an area of the building that is close to the spot it is cooling. In some industrial settings, coolers are kept right beside the area they are cooling; this is based upon the size of the chiller and compressor. In some cases chillers are placed outdoors. One of our cooling professionals can help you determine the best placement for your air cooled chiller.

What Makes Cooling Power’s Air Cooled Chillers The Coolest?

-Cooling Power has a huge variety of units from 15 tons to 500 tons.

-We carry a voltages ranging between 208 voltage/ 3pH/ 60 Hz and 480 voltage/ 3pH / 60 Hz.

-We don’t just offer one brand; instead we offer portable chillers from all of the biggest and best brands.

-We offer units for sale or for rent.

-All of our units undergo extensive pre and post operation inspection and maintenance. Plus, we offer on-site servicing.

-We offer installation upon request.

-We provide all necessary accessories so that you don’t have to waste time and energy looking elsewhere.

-We offer truly 24/7-customer support.

Cooling Power offers air cooled chillers to meet a wide variety of needs and demands. Contact us today for a free quote or to help determine the best option for you.

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