2ton Industrial Water Cooling Chiller for Printing Machine

Cold water machine commonly known as freezer, refrigerating machine, ice water machine, freezing water machine, cooling machine, etc., because the use of all trades and professions is more extensive, so the name is too numerous. The principle of its nature is a multifunctional machine that removes liquid vapor from the refrigeration cycle by compression or heat absorption. Vapour compression chiller consists of four main components of vapor compression refrigeration cycle of the compressor, evaporator, condenser, the form of a part of the metering device so as to realize the different refrigerants. The absorption chiller USES water as a refrigerant and depends on the water and lithium bromide solution to achieve a strong cooling effect.
  • BCW-05
  • BOBAI-BCW-05

2ton industrial water cooling chiller for printing machine

Product nameWater  Cooled  Chiller
Product modelBCW-05
Roughly weight220 kg
Max temperature control range5℃-35℃ ( over 0℃ can de customized )
Cooling capacity15.3kw    13158kcal/h
Total input power5kw
Power supply3N-380V/415V  50HZ
Comperssor typeTotally closed corter type or piston type
Comperssor power3.75kw
Cooling water flow3.2 m3/h
Cooling water in/out pipe sizeG1 (DN25 )
Freeze water flow2.6m3/h
Freeze water in/out pipe sizeG1 ( DN25 )
Water pump power0.55 kw
Water pump pumping head20m


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