150 Degrees Water Temperature Controller for Die Casting

Use famous brand spareparts, high heating speed, accurate and stable temperature
With world first-class liquid temperature contorl technology, has high precision
  • BGWH-20

150 degrees water temperature controller for die casting 

(1) Description :

Product Name 150℃ water temperature controller
Product Model BGWH-20
Max Temperature Control Range150℃
Temp Control AccuracyPID±1℃
Circulation MediumWater 
Cooling MethodIndirect Cooling
Heating Power12kw
Pump Motor Power1.5kw
Max Pump Flow183L/MIN
Pumping Head 18m
Max Power Supply14kw
Cooling Water Pipe1/2(DN15) inch
Circulation Water PipeG3/8*4 inch
Roughly Weight85kg

(2) Difference between water temperature machine and oil temperature machine : 


  The medium used by the water heater is water. Its advantage is that it can transfer heat quickly, is more clean and environmentally friendly, and is more convenient to use. Generally, direct heating or direct cooling is used in heating and cooling. In today's society, the temperature of the mould temperature machine used by the general manufacturer is in: 120 degree water temperature machine, 150 degree water temperature machine and 180 degree water temperature machine. The oil temperature machine used by the media is not easily affected by high temperature industrial oil, the principle and the water used by machine is the same, are cooled by direct heating or direct manner. Generally speaking, we can divide its temperature into 200 degree oil temperature machine, 300 degree oil temperature machine and 350 degree oil temperature machine.


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